The birth of Kentinel Studios and happy new year!

Two years ago the Kickstarter campaign that led to the creation of The Legacy of 3dfx ended.

Two years of turbulent changes and a pandemic that has turned our lives upside down, but life goes on. It’s for this very reason, and because there are many things to do, that I have decided to take yet another step forwards.

Kentinel Studios is a brand that was created to finally make all the plans I had been thinking about for so long a reality; to be able to give my projects a unique brand and above all, to show and teach the importance of computers and their history, and demonstrate the need to do so.

The first project under this label is the presentation of the book Soldiers, Demons and Polygons: A Retrospective of id Software, which will be shipped at the end of January. A second book on graphics will be launched on Kickstarter before summer for delivery by Christmas, as well as another forthcoming project, which will be announced when the campaign has ended.

Sending you our greetings and wishing you a safe 2021.

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